Three rounds for time:
25 Back Extensions
50 Situps
20 L Sit Shoulder Presses (shoulder press, sitting on the floor in a L-sit, 95 lb./65lb.)

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Check out the L-sit shoulder press in this video:  “Knee Snatching” with Louie Simmons – video [wmv] [mov]

“The Zen of Coming Last”, from Shoreline CrossFit
“If you always come in first, you’re doing something wrong, ” states Michael Touna in the 3/10 edition of Muscle and Fitness .  Michael was competitive in martial arts and always strove to come in first place.  Most times he did…until he tried CrossFit.  After two classes he states, “I felt like chaos: painful, ego-smashing chaos.”  

In his previous athletic career, he was able to come in first all the time because he was able focus on a single task and drill it to perfection.  You all know that this is an impossibility in CrossFit.  

Due to the encouragement of his peers at his box in Van Nuys, CA, he continued his CrossFit journey.  He states that overtime, a new feeling began to emerge: “Not finishing in first place turned out to be liberating.” Through CrossFit, Touna learned to “focus his energy inward.”  He stopped comparing himself to others, and began to understand how pro athletes can block out stadiums of opposing fans.  Touna states, “It didn’t matter whether I came in first or last, I needed to sustain the edge to do my best.”  He also states that winning became of lesser importance than being able to accomplish feats that had once seemed impossible.  Most sports train one to become a specialist, as Touna had formerly been.  CrossFit never allows one to master a task completely, and if it does, then he/she is probably doing it to often.  If it seems easy perhaps you are not moving fast enough or lifting enough weight.  

Touna states that in the end he has learned an important lesson: “To impress others, continue to do things at which you excel.  To impress yourself, take on a challenge that may have you coming in last.” 

Thursday WOD, 2/11/10

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