Manton is running a 100 mile race this weekend, and we wanted to wish him GOOD LUCK!!!! Manton sent in the link below on running barefoot – very interesting! Check it out!

An important part of your WOD routine is rest and sleep. CrossFit Radio posted an interview with Darrell “Bingo” White where he discussed the importance of sleep for CrossFit athletes. A medical doctor, Bingo said that quality of sleep can sometimes be more important than quantity. Sleep cycles generally last about 90 minutes and it’s important they not be interrupted. An example of a good plan might be someone who sleeps either 7.5 hours or 9 hours, but not 8.5 hours. Bingo gave suggestions on how to find the sleep cycle that’s right for you. Listen here. (Bingo starts at 2:22.)

We get a lot of visitors at CrossFit Seven…this week, we welcome Shawn, from CrossFit Southside!

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  • February 5, 2010 at 9:37 pm

    Good Luck Manton!

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