Four rounds for time:
20 Steps of walking lunges with plate overhead (45 lb./25 lb.)
400m Run

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One of the coaching points you will hear in Olympic lifting is “meeting the bar”. Anytime you receive the bar in a lift, whether it’s a snatch, clean, etc., you need to 1)move your body around the bar (do not move the, bar around your body), and 2) you need to meet the bar wherever it gets to.

Point #1, we will discuss tomorrow. Today, I want to talk about meeting the bar. When you do a clean, whether it’s a power clean or a full squat clean, you will receive the bar at different heights (depending on the weight and your “finish”, you may receive the bar higher or lower). If, for example, you have a lighter weight and can power clean the bar up to possibly shoulder height (or a little below your shoulders), when you “meet the bar”, you do not go down into a full squat and let the bar crash down on your shoulders. Instead, you receive the bar almost standing up, getting the bar up on your rack and elbows up and around.

The picture below is a textbook example of meeting the bar. The athlete, Kate, cleans the weight up and with a strong finish, the first frame shows the bar at its highest point. Kate does not drop down into a full squat to receive the weight -instead, she meets the weight at to the point where it travels.

Have you ever done heavy cleans and found bruises on your chest the next day? That comes from heavy weight crashing on you and receiving the bar too low. Meet the bar, whether the bar has traveled high enough to power clean it, or if it’s too heavy, and you have to squat below it. Go to where the bar is, get under it with fast elbows and DO NOT let it crash on you.

(Pictures courtesy of Tracy Fober,

Tuesday WOD, 4/20/10

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  • April 20, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    Jackie – 6:15.

    WOD – 12:22.

    Great work 6 crew.

  • April 20, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    think i was at about the 15 min mark…just got to quit smoking! trying really hard to do it, thanks 6pm crew

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