“Mission Manton”
(WOD written by Kristin Thompson. Photos by Sheridan French)

SITUATION: CF7 is gathered to support Manton as he is getting ready to leave us and go on to much better things in support of our country!
a. Enemy forces.
(1) Weather and light data…DARK//cold
(2) Terrain (factors of OCOKA).
Observation and fields of fire-clear unless you have sunglasses on…
Cover and concealment-totally shitty
Obstacles-lots to overcome
Key terrain-asphalt and gym mats
Avenues of approach-you’ll see ‘em coming
(3) Enemy forces…You will see other teams out there trying to beat your time…don’t let them
b. Friendly forces…You will be configured into boat teams…each member must pull their own weight, but act as a team to save “Wilson”

Your team’s mission (if you choose to accept it) is to save “Wilson” from the hands of the enemy and return to base with all of your gear and teammates

EXECUTION. Commander’s intent- work harder, work faster!
a. Concept of the operation.
(1) Scheme of maneuver.
Each member of the team completes:
19 mountain climbers (4 count in team unison)
62 air squats
IN Fill: take your KB’s and load them into your boat…lift the boat overhead (as a team) and move out to the 400M turn around point
TAKE BACK: Wilson from the enemy…you’ll be given the demands when you get there…and return to base with boats over your heads!
LOW Crawl: each member must low crawl across the mat and thru both tires
NEVER Quit: till each member sled pulls 50M with the gender specific weights

(2)Defensive operations.- Security operations…in order to blend in with all that is Manton…you must follow the dress code posted for each portion of the operation
(3) Reconnaissance and surveillance…it’s never cheating to see what the other teams are doing…
(4) Intelligence…work harder, work faster than the other teams and you will win!

a. Concept of support…Teams will be made on arrival to the WOD. All equipment and gear will be assembled then.
b. Medical evacuation and hospitalization…please don’t get hurt or cause injury to others!

If you want to get Wilson back….
Each team must complete 1962 KB swings…
either one arm or two arm swings…
make sure you have your sunglasses on and your attitude adjusted to ultra cool…

Manton-We all wish you our very best on your new adventures!!!

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Manton’s Hail and Farewell WOD