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Wednesday WOD, January 26, 2011

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Mobility WOD

In addition to Ryan’s warmup, do 10-15 minutes of your favorite warmup exercises! Be sure to spend additional time warming up your back, hips and quads so that you can deadlift properly!

Five rounds for time of:
10 Deadlifts (135lb/95 lb.)
20 Weighted box jumps
400m Run

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Cool down:
Spend 30 minutes stretching!
You will want to stretch your back! Try this back stretch or this one. Be sure to do the Mobility WOD today, as well as some of your favorite stretches this week!

Deadlifts are a common lift that hurts CrossFitters. Do not let today’s “light weight” fool you – the combination of deadlifts, box jumps and running will tax up your back – it’s a lot harder than it looks. Make sure when you lift, you use proper technique on each lift. Tighten up your back, get a good lumbar curve BEFORE YOU EVER MOVE THE BAR. In other words, don’t let your starting position look like this:

“If you do not tighten everything that can possibly be tightened when pulling a barbell off the ground, you. are. going. to. die. What happens is that the bar starts to pull you WAY far forward and when that happens, you’ve lost control of the weight. Not being in control of the weight means that you cannot use your great technique to get that barbell over your head. Instead,the bar will be flying all over the place. Trust me, that is NOT a pretty sight… And we’re all about being pretty. So squeeze your back shoulder blades together, get your chest up, shift your weight back onto your heels, AND THEN proceed to lift the bar off the ground.”—Sage Burgener


Stretching 101

Dutch, God bless him, spent a lot of time coaching and teaching me, and I remember vividly the day he talked to me about stretching. He said, “You aren’t stretching enough.” In my mind, I thought I had been, but the reality was, not only was I not consistent in my stretching, I often didn’t do it at all. And, what I didn’t realize at the time, mostly because I was still pretty green at coaching, was that Dutch KNEW I didn’t stretch because of how my body moved when I lifted. What I learned was that not only is it easy to tell by someone’s lift if they stretch or not, the very best way to improve your lifting is by creating and doing a consistent stretching routine EVERY SINGLE day, whether you go to the gym or not.

Your homework today: Spend 30 minutes stretching.
1. Do today’s Mobility WOD.
2. Spend 10 minutes of the foam roller, doing this routine.
3. Grab a stretchy band (if you are at the gym) or a towel (if you are at home), and do the rope stretches at the end of this program.
4. Spend some time doing the MWOD “Couch stretch”.

(Yes, it’s a lot, but you will thank me tomorrow.)

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Tuesday WOD, January 25, 2011

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Mobility WOD

In addition to Ryan’s warmup, do:
10 leg swings side to side
10 Lateral lunges
10 Sit-ups
10 Ab twists (side to side)
Run 400m
Run out back, do high knees, butt kicks and skip (opposite hands/opposite knees)
Warm up with the weight for front squats and wallballs!

Five rounds for time of:
3 Snatch (115 lb./85 lb.)
6 Burpees
9 Pull-ups

“Snatch” means a full squat snatch (receiving the bar in the bottom of the squat) at 115 lb. for guys and 85 lb. for girls. If you do less than Rx weight, you must do seven rounds instead of five.

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Cool down:
Do today’s Mobility WOD, as well as 15 minutes of additional time stretching.

Today’s focus is on BREATHING! How you breathe, especially when you lift, is paramount to injury prevention. You have to breathe properly in order to execute a safe lift.

When you start a lift, before you ever lift the weight, take a deep breath in and push your diaphragm out. Hold the breath until the weight is back where it started (on the ground, on your shoulders, or wherever). Watch this video, and as Andy instructs me on how to breathe in, my whole chest rises and becomes one solid unit – this creates a kind of “belt” around my core that protects my body from moving in an unsafe way. Breathe like this before EVERY rep, every lift. It takes practice, and yes, it’s hard to do in the middle of a WOD when you are dying for some oxygen…but, you have to do it. It’s the only way to lift safely.

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Monday WOD, January 24, 2011

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Mobility WOD

Your challenge today is to go in early and spend 10-15 minutes warming up before Ryan tells you to warm up: Run 400m, do a set of walking lunges, broad jumps, high knees, flutter kicks, lateral lunges and box jumps. Then do Ryan’s warmup listed on the board, followed by time to warm up with weights. Your total warmup time may be 30 minutes – that is good! Think of it as movement prep – here a great program for Core Performance.

“Curtis P”

Pick your version:
Partner WOD, as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes
100 reps for time (solo).

Cool down:
Do today’s Mobility WOD, as well as 15 minutes of additional time stretching:
5-10 minutes of foam rolling followed by any/all of the stretches in this program from Core Performance.

I started physical therapy a couple of weeks ago, and one of the first things the PT (who is also a CrossFitter) asked me was, “How long did you CrossFit before you hit the wall?” I told him a “couple of years”, and he said, “I have this theory that every CrossFitter has a window of about 18-24 months where they can go hard, do most every WOD Rx’d, and then they hit the wall.” For me, that was a true assessment, and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Ask any long term CrossFitter when they hit the wall, and you will hear them tell you about their heavy lifting and great WODs, as well as learning how valuable stretching, rest and recovery become. And, if you are thinking to yourself, “Stretching isn’t that big of a deal”, I will tell you your window in hitting the wall just got a lot shorter……

Injury prevention and recovery week is here!

This week, we will give you all tips on preventing the most common injuries in CrossFit, as well as stretches for recovery. The themes you will here most often are: 1) Make your warmup count; 2) pick weights your technique can support (not necessarily the Rx weight); and 3) stretch every day. This week, we will post specific things you can do each day to add to your warmup, as well as stretches for after the WOD.

Today, we are focusing on the warmup!

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Early preview…..

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Next week’s blog posts will focus on all aspects of injury prevention and recovery….who better to lead the charge than Andy and I (yes, the two most likely people to be hurt). Here is an early preview of what is headed your way!


We link the Mobility WOD to every daily post, but many people may not have seen it or know what it is. MWODs are specific stretch and mobility exercises designed specifically for CrossFit. Do them daily, and it will change your life (I’m not at all kidding here!). Your challenge this week is to do the MWOD every day. It doesn’t matter when you do it in the day, just complete it every single day.

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Manton update!

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Thursday, January 13

It’s been a pretty busy week so I haven’t really had time to write. Monday pool PT was all right. We were in the big pool and started with some more brick passing relays. The water was pretty nice this time, probably around 70 degrees. Then we did some sprints with staggered starts to determine the fastest swimmers. It was pretty dumb because the people in the first few waves obviously smoked the guys in waves 9 or 10. After the final guy finished we were split up. The slower finishers went to remedial swimming to work on their strokes while the rest of us did a 300 meter sprint (that was much more fair) to determine swim groups for future pool work (we still also have boat crews). I ended up making Team Bravo (A, B, C, D & E).

That night I had ironing from 0200-0230 so I lost about an hour from that and the following night I had watch from 0200-0400. Reveille was at 0445 for PT where we got beat for the first half hour because some guy spit in the hall. After the beating we did a relay race. Each person sprinted 400m (2 laps), bear crawled 200m & crab walked 200m. We also did a 400m bear crawl warmup when we first arrived. My hands and fingers are sore as hell.

We had our first real inspection today. First they inspect your uniform and ask you a question about the stuff we are to have memorized. Then we did some stuff with pistols and had to demonstrate safe usage and answer a gun related question. I ended up getting a 5.0 out of 5 on both parts.

Tomorrow we have our zone inspection. They will inspect the whole compartment and our racks. Apparently it’s pretty intense. Our RDC’s recommended we get some ironing teams together to iron and fold everyone’s stuff. About 30 of us volunteered and we split into different groups. I joined the towel team and just finished with that. We got through about 90 of 104 racks.

Re: medical people. Some of them had surgeries or other bone and joint stuff that they were DQ’d for after our special physicals. At least 2 people have pretty bad pneumonia and one other is getting it I think. I’ve been washing my hands like crazy.

Friday, January 14

No PT today. We went to bed early and slept late which was nice. We spent around 4 hours prepping for our zone inspection today. Individual scores haven’t been posted but we did well enough to flag.

While the inspection was going on we were over at the simulated fire course. The guns used lasers and compressed air. It was a nice change of pace. The real stuff is on Tuesday.

Our drill inspection is next week and one of our sticks was put on crutches yesterday, so tomorrow we”ll have to find a replacement.

I’m going to catch up on some sleep.

Also for stuff to bring. Will you get a list of all the places with Five Fingers around here please? They have a store locator on their website. I mean hear – Chicago. I also think the first thing I want to eat is a deep dish pizza. Look on the Man vs. Food website or Anthony Bourdaine: No Reservations and see what they say about Chicago please.

Sunday, January 16

It’s holiday routine right now. I’ve had an itchy throat / minor cough for the past week. Last night I started getting the chills and a minor headache. Before I went to bed I filled my canteen with hot water which I sipped for a little bit, then tucked under my sweats to help me stay warm. I woke up periodically and refilled it. That, and the 8 hours of sleep we were allotted seems to have helped. I’m still a little chilled but I feel better overall. The good news is tomorrow is another HR {Holiday Routine} so I get to sleep late again. We also don’t have PT again until Wednesday so hopefully all the rest will help.

Monday, January 17

I felt my fever break just after HR yesterday, which made me happy. Then we went marching outside and it came back. Last night I woke up shivering like crazy and drenched in sweat, so I did something very rare and unfolded and slept under my blanket. I woke up this morning feeling much better. My throat still hurts pretty bad when I swallow and my lymph nodes are still a little swollen and tender, but not as bad as yesterday. I’m going to skip out on the pool workout tomorrow (it will be the first time I miss anything) since drill inspection is the next day and I don’t want to risk getting more sick. We’ve already had to replace 2 sticks over the last 3 days and the remaining 4 regulars are all sick at different levels. The reason this is such a concern is that the sticks and the division leader are the main determinants of the score since we do a whole lot of different movements that have to be in unison and the newer guys obviously don’t have the timing perfect yet. The good news is that we have 8 hours of free time to drill today!

Tuesday, January 18

They gave us a few minutes to write so this is gonna be messy.

Easy day today. At the pool they just did pull-ups & sprints so I didn’t miss anything cool. Medical was a bit eye opening as to how good our division is. I saw multiple people with random buttons on their trousers or blouse undone and one guy, who is within a week of us, walking with a strut . . . We are supposed to walk in a military manner (upright, sharp, etc.)

Our drill inspection is tomorrow. We should 5.0 if no one makes stupid mistakes. That’s all for now.


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