Warm up:
3 rounds of:
5 Burpees
3 reps of Bear complex (bar only)
3 Pull ups

Front squat 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 (rest 60-90 seconds between sets)

2 rounds for time of:

500m Row
400m Run
Rest 3 minutes

Post front squat loads and WOD time to comments.


Av·er·age :  [av-er-ij, av-rij] noun, adjective, verb, av·er·aged, av·er·ag·ing.
1. a quantity, rating, or the like that represents or approximates an arithmetic mean: Her golf average is in the 90s. My average in science has gone from B to C this semester.
2. a typical amount, rate, degree, etc.; norm.

The dictionary defines the word average as a “typical” amount. As a math teacher, I love averages. Averages are easy for kids to understand because it’s intuitive to look at averages and know some will have a little more, some will have a little less, and the average is somewhere in the middle. It’s what the “typical” person has, what “typically” occurs.

Averages are easy to understand until you start talking about CrossFit Games athletes. The new issue of BoxLife crunched some numbers and compared the stats of the men and women who placed top 10 in the 2012 CrossFit Games Open.

“Typical” and “average” aren’t really the words I use to describe them.

Post thoughts to comments.

Tuesday WOD, June 19, 2012