Warm up:
Two rounds of:
5 Push-ups
5 Squats
5 Pull-ups
100m Run
200m Row

4 rounds for time of:

300m Row
25 Push ups
7 Handstand Push ups
200m Run
Rest 2 minutes

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I came across this story and video yesterday….you just have to watch it because it is one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. What would you do if you had an torn quad muscle and had to clean and jerk 345 lbs. in order to send your teammate to the Olympics?

Tevita Ngalu made the lift, and now, his teammate, Richie Patterson (who also owns a CrossFit affiliate in New Zealand) is going to the Olympics.

It’s amazing Tevita made the lift, basically on one leg. It’s even more impressive that he understood in order for his country to qualify for the Olympics and Richie to be able to go, he HAD to make the lift. The video is simply amazing.


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Friday WOD, July 20, 2012