Warm up:
2 rounds of:

200m Row
200m Run
10 Push ups
10 Squats
5 Pull ups

7×1 of 2 Power Cleans + 1 Jerk

3x800m Runs with 2 minutes rest between runs (the goal is to hit negative splits)

Post strength loads and 800m splits to comments.


Rich Froning signs an endorsement deal with Oakley, buzzfed

Sunday Musings from Bingo hit on the latest developments with Rich, Oakley, and the evolution of CrossFit….

Bloombert BusinessWeek reported that Rich Froning signed an endorsement contract with Oakley, calling it a “the defining moment in CrossFit’s history.” Think about that for a moment. The signing of a single endorsement contract by Rich is being called THE defining moment in CrossFit’s, not the CrossFit Games’ mind you but CROSSFIT’s entire history.

I prefer to think of Rich’s Oakley signing as just one more milepost along the maturational highway of the CrossFit Games, CrossFit as sport. When we eventually have a Nike sponsored athlete or a Gatorade commercial (hmmm…who do you want to see with the fluorescent perspiration cascading down the body after a clip of butterfly PU?) then we will know that CrossFit the sport has broken through to the masses, not unlike that snowboard kid–what’s his name, the Floating Eggplant or something like that–getting an Amex commercial in the Olympics OFF season.

No, I think there actually have been a couple of defining moments this past year or so, one that is CrossFit in general and bridges the CrossFit/Non-CrossFit divide, and one which is specific to CrossFit, the sport and is confined for the moment within the CrossFit community.

The first one is easy: CrossFit, Inc produces and sells the CrossFit Games to ESPN. Now THAT, boys and girls, is a defining moment. There is no Oakley contract, heck there’s probably no Reebok without the gut check GG and the HQ staff made when they went it alone at the HDC in year one. Signing that ESPN deal is the very essence of a defining moment. Think Adidas is happy about that? The CrossFit Games and the Reebok/CrossFit deal is a defining moment for the second largest athletic company on the planet, let alone just CrossFit. Now that the CrossFit Games are on “The Deuce” almost all of my conversations about CrossFit occur without the need for an introductory explanation, a true paradigm shift for CrossFit. I’ll bet that’s changed for most of you, too.

The other defining moment is an internal one and involves CrossFit the sport, the CrossFit Games for both participants and CrossFitting spectators. It speaks to the growth and continued maturation of both the sport and CrossFit. Each year the Games season has had an “issue” that in retrospect has made perfect sense as it related to the particular stage of development of both CrossFit and the Games. We had entries cut off at a particular number without a qualifier. We had locally-run Regionals which generated controversy about WOD choices. We had the first Open and the surprising number of participants straining the resources of the Games staff. We had Regional venue variability. All of these were acknowledged by HQ and all of them were resolved in each subsequent year.

And now we have folks at home making rules calls. Evaluating judges calls no differently than we see people talking about balls and strikes, one foot inbounds or two, charging or a block. The event and the audience have now grown so big, and both have become so sophisticated that this year people are talking about pretty darned subtle judging issues. The Games have grown and CrossFit has separated along the lines of those who compete in the Majors and those who compete for fun (if at all). Not unlike golf or tennis or any manner of endurance sport, the divide between the 0.1% and the rest of us now exists in CrossFit.

It is a gulf no less wide than any professional sport you can name, and its existence does not rest on an endorsement contract. The power of this defining moment in my opinion (no endorsement, here or ever, from HQ) is that we have reached a point where we all understand the nuance of CrossFit to the degree that we are knowledgeable enough to comment on judging. At the Games, at the Regionals, and at the Open. The fact that some of us choose to do so may or may not be a good thing, but the depth of knowledge that is now present across the spectrum of people doing CrossFit, manifested by our collective awareness of the act of judging, is a significant defining moment for CrossFit, the sport.

So best of luck to Rich and all of the athletes going through the Regionals right now. Congrats to Rich on signing a landmark endorsement deal, whether or not it is a “defining moment” for CrossFit (I loved his Oakley toss to the crowd at 13.5 in Santa Cruz!). Good luck to anyone who wants to buy a pair of Rich Froening Oakleys–in my day job we sell the brand and let’s just say that they haven’t figured out the inventory/customer service thing.

But mostly best of luck to all of the judges at all of the Games events. Let’s remember that every year HQ has evaluated the Games experience and come back better the next, solving each year’s issue as the Games grow into next year’s. This year will be no different. Each one of those judges is you, and they will be back with you in the Box next week in the never-ending struggle of you vs. you.

Each of you looking for your own, personal, CrossFit “defining moment”.

Post thoughts to comments.

Tuesday WOD, June 4, 2013

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