For time:

Accumulate 3:00 of static overhead hold (95 lb./65 lb.)*
10 Rounds of “SITTING Cindy” (1 round = 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 sit-ups)
800m Run

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*You will lock out a barbell overhead and hold it in a static position. Let’s say you hold it overhead for 1:00, and then you put it down. You can rest for as long as you want before you pick it back up to continue to accumulate 3:00 total overhead. However, you want to minimize your rest time because as soon as you accumulate 3:00 overhead, you move straight into 10 rounds of Cindy, followed by an 800m run. Your total time for WOD includes your rest time in the 3:00 overhead.

LeanFit, July 2, 2013