Warm up:
2 rounds of:
200m Row
200m Run
10 Push ups
10 Squats
5 Pull ups

Jerk technique

2 position Clean & Jerk @ 80% 1RM: 1 Clean (from floor) + 1 Hang Clean + 1 Jerk

(Not for time)
3 rounds of:

20 Back extensions
25 Weighted Sit ups

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“Why you shouldn’t miss below 95%”, by Lifthard

Everyone’s reasoning behind doing something, or believing in something will be different. That’s good, that’s awesome, that allows us to learn. I really like that. If everyone was the same, everyone would be getting the same sort of results and it would bore everyone.

My coach has a 2 reasons why we don’t want to miss below 95% for the snatch and 90% for the CNJ

1. In our minds, this proves technical error because;

If it’s 95% of our snatch (90% cnj) , it’s roughly only 60% of our max pulls and about 80% of our panda pulls 1RM. Now, this isn’t the message. Do not debate these percentages. They are merely an example to explain the reason. It could be 50% of pulls or 90% of panda pulls, the percentage isn’t the message. The message is;

It’s just too little in weight to say that it’s heavy. It’s clearly a technical error that caused us to miss it. We don’t want to bring in technical error into our training. So we reject the idea of the athlete missing below 95%.

However, I’m not sure if everyone in China is like this. Most seem to be like this, especially at levels past intermediate. Beginners get to get away a bit, as in they don’t get yelled at that badly but most of the athletes past intermediate get it pretty bad if they miss such numbers. Coach Wu especially, is super harsh about this on me.

2. We’re doing a very bad job at adjusting our 1RM.

We’re not listening to our body. We’re not attempting to adjust anything, or tweak our training. We’re just trying to lift and lift without respecting to technique.

We’re just going through the motions, without learning anything in that session. That’s why we’re choosing weights that is too heavy that’s causing the misses.

We’re just trying to lift more. We’re not trying to improve our power and strength levels by lifting technically correct . We’re only trying to lift. We wouldn’t be able to explain or play what’s happened in our head.

My coach would always tell me, I don’t want you to lift heavy in training alone. I want you to lift heavy in competition. If you lift heavy in training and then you don’t even know HOW the hell you lifted that heavy weight in training, can you promise me that you can repeat that in competition? Can you confidently tell me, that you can do something without knowing the movement pattern and recreate that in competition when the stress levels are so high?

Basically, that’s why my coach and I are pretty upset when people miss below 95%/90%.

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Thursday WOD, July 25, 2013

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