Warm up:
2 rounds of:
200m Row
200m Run
10 Push-ups
5 Pull-ups
5 Squats
5 Hang cleans (bar)
5 Presses (bar)

Snatch wave 3-2-1 slightly increase weight on second wave 3-2-1

5 rounds of:
Max rep strict chin ups
400m Run

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Multiple reps of snatches, which means it’s time to have some fun and lift some weight overhead!

Some of you may think the above cartoon is more true than not, and getting weight overhead correctly is nothing short of a miracle. Today when you lift, SIMPLIFY YOUR FOCUS.

We all know there are 5,000 things that can go right or wrong when you snatch. But have you ever noticed when you stop thinking about ALL 5,000 things and just lift, the weight tends to fly up?!? That’s because you can only think about one thing at a time (or maybe two).

So today when you lift, pick ONE thing to focus on – that’s it. The only thing you have to think about today is this: Keep the bar close.

Go lift and have some fun!

Friday WOD, March 21, 2014