We have three WOD strands for you to choose from, and we will now post them all on this one page to make them easier to find.

STRENGTH + WOD: This is the traditional CrossFit model, with strength training on most days, followed by a WOD.

LEANFIT: These are CrossFit WODs that feature lighter loads and more body weight movements, what some may consider “traditional met-cons”. It’s not any easier than the Strength + WOD – it’s just a different WOD design and pathway.

DYNAMIC ENDURANCE: These WODs are endurance based WODs – they will be longer in duration and feature more dynamic movements. These WODs are designed for the runner in mind who wants to compete in obstacle course races.

So, how do you decide which WOD to do? Pick a strand and stick with it – one is not any easier than the other, but they all will work different pathways. You will see the most success if you pick one strand and do those WODs consistently; you will not see the best benefit if you cherry pick based on the movements programmed that day or do the WODs you “like”. Each strand is programmed with an overall strategy in mind, and you will see the most benefit when you do one strand consistently. Pick a strand based on whatever your goals are and stick with it!

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New WOD layout