Came across this gem today — Dave Durante is a Olympian, National and World Team member in gymnastics, and is a wealth of knowledge. Plus, he’s really nice and a great dude. If you struggle with gymnastic movements, he’s a great resource to follow!

#tbt at Reebok Training Grounds last week working on some bar muscle up drills. This is a variation of the sit up drill shown in the past. Here are a few notes on this drill: 1)Start Slow: get a feel of rocking back and forth with slow tempo before getting more aggressive. It's fine to do with bent elbows at first to understand action. 2)Bar Path: a effective bar MU keeps the bar close to the body once the pull is initiated. Keep this in mind with the PVC. There will be an active lat pull down through the action. 3)Hollow Position: by maintaining a hollow body throughout you ensure your body will react as one continuous piece from head to toe. If you start to arch, your body is loosing tension and efficiency. 4)Eye Line: keep neutral head position throughout. Do not throw head back as you sit up. 5)Bench Height: the height of the bench should be high enough to allow you to rock off into a full standing position. Set up according to individual height. 6)Band Tension: use light bands. You don't want to use any heavy bands for this exercise. ???????????? @powermonkeyfitness @reebokcrossfitone @reebok @promixnutrition #crossfit #crossfitgymnastics #monkeymethod #teampowermonkey #techniquematters #ilovegymnastics #traininggrounds

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Muscle-up training!