#1: SFH is available for purchase at CF7!

SFH is one of the best, most nutritionally pure protein powders on the market, and you can buy it directly at CF7! Whey protein is $50, Fuel is $55 and Recovery is $65. See Ryan Shupe for more information about SFH and buy your bag today!


#2: Square is now here!
Brace yourself – we can now take credit card payments on site! If you need to pay your monthly membership, buy a t-shirt or protein powder, etc., you can now use your debit and credit cards on site.


#3: Everyone should enjoy rowing this much!

We are working on a website update this summer – Amie will be in the gym taking pictures for the new site! If you do not want your picture published online, please let us know. (Amie promises to edit photos and not publish any weird lifting faces!)