This is great wisdom on wrist strength — take some notes!

#Repost Team Power Monkey Coach @colinpgeraghty ・・・ BMU wrist turnover with @davedurante If the wrists are not strong enough to support the dynamic turnover into the static support, the body will usually default to using the ribs on the bar to create stability. I've seen this a lot with athletes who focus on the pulling & kipping aspects of the bmu without building the wrists. Another aspect to look at is the shoulder extension & internal rotation mobility/stability. If those are locked up or weak, the ideal elbow over wrist turnover position isn't possible and usually results in a funky compensation somewhere in the movement. Don't neglect wrist strength. Address individual shoulder limitations/weaknesses. Become familiar and strong with static positions before moving to dynamic movements. Check out for well designed programs. @powermonkeyfitness @reebok @promixnutrition #monkeymethod #barmuscleup #gymnastics #teamreebok #crossfit #calesthenics #djbabu

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Every 2 minutes for 30 minutes complete:
2 Squat cleans (225 lb./155 lb.)
4 Handstand push-ups
6 Wall balls


As many rounds as possible in 22 minutes of:
5 Bench presses (95 lb./45 lb.)
10 Lower leg lifts on bench
15 Sit-ups
15 Russian twists
200m Run

Post completed rounds to comments.



For time:
2000m Row
2 mile Run
2000m Row

Post time to comments.

Thursday WOD, December 29, 2016