Last Thursday, we had two WODs come up, one was a Girl, “Helen” and the other one was a HERO WOD, “Michael”. The question came up, “what are Girl and HERO workouts?”

About the “Girls”: According to CrossFit Founder Gary Glassman he named the benchmark workouts after girls in similar way that storms are named after girls by the Natinoal Weather Service. He felt that because these workouts are so physcially demanding they leave you feeling as though a storm hit you.

These workouts are all benchmarks, and you will want to keep record of your times because the each time these workouts come up, you want to get faster than your previous time. Back in the day (~2006), a fast Fran time was around 4 minutes. The first time someone did a sub-3 or even a sub-2 Fran, everyone about lost their minds because no one thought it was possible. Now, it’s not uncommon to see a sub-1 among the elite. Ask Ryan about the time he handed me a stop watch to time his Fran….I think his heart still hurts a little bit. Click here for the complete list of “Girls”.

Each HERO WOD is named after military, law enforcement, or fire personnel who died in the line of duty. These workouts are special, as they honor those who fought and died for our Country and honor their life so that we do not forget.

Murph-1The most well known of the HERO WODs is MURPH, named after LT Michael Murphy, MURPH: A mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, a mile run. This workout was LT Murphy’s favorite, and he called it “BODY ARMOR”. We do this workout every Memorial Day, and some of my favorite CrossFit memories revolve around this specific workout: my one-year CrossFit anniversary, I did all of the HERO workouts in one day (there were only 6 at the time, and it took ALL day.) I saved MURPH for last, and two of my best friends were in Afghanistan at that time; I remember crying the entire last mile, and I think on that every time I’ve done the workout since. Badger is my favorite HERO; Adam Brown is the hardest one I’ve ever done – read his book, Fearless, and then you’ll want to get after it too.

Any time you have an opportunity to do a HERO workout, take it. Honor the fallen so that they will never be forgotten.



5 rounds of:
1st minute: 5 Clean & Jerks (155 lb./105 lb.)
2nd minute: 3 Weighted wide grip pull ups (35 lb./18 lb.)
3rd minute: 20 Push-ups
4th minute: 50 Double-unders


5 rounds for time of:
20 Walking lunges
7 Burpees 400m run.


8 rounds for time of:
2 Power cleans (155 lb./105 lb.)
5 Strict pull-ups
400m Run
Rest 1 minute

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Tuesday WOD, January 24, 2017