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3 reps Skin the cat


5×1 Strict press @90%

As many rounds in 15 minutes of:
300m Row
10 Kettlebell swings (53 lb./35 lb.)
15 Hollow rocks
20ft Handstand walk (sub: 10 shoulder touches)

Post loads and completed rounds to comments.


4 rounds of:
1 minute Airdyne
1 minute max rep Push-ups
1 minute max rep Lunges
1 minute max rep Shovel style slam balls
1 minute Plank
1 minute Rest

Post reps to comments.


7 rounds for time of:
5 Back squats (155 lb./105 lb.)
2 Box jumps
400m Run
Rest 1 minute

Post time to comments.

Wednesday WOD, June 14, 2017