The Sotts Press
I like to call these “Honest man makers” because they are very humbling and will expose every weakness in a lifter very quickly. They are not for the faint of heart and can be incredibly frustrating. However, they are one of the very best exercises for building a solid receiving position.

Start in a squat position, with the barbell on your back, hands in snatch grip.
1. Point elbows straight down
2. Keep torso upright and core engaged
3. Press the bar straight up

Depending on your flexibility in your receiving position, you will feel the weight in your feet roll forward or backward as you press the bar overhead (and I promise if you are doing it now with an empty barbell, it happens in your lifts as well). You want to drive through your heels. Do not allow your position to be compromised by a lack of flexibility. Do what you are able to given where your level of flexibility is. The goal is to make your receiving position more usable and stronger.

Greg Everett makes these look really easy:

(There is another version of Sotts press that is clean grip, in front of the neck. It’s way harder!)

Sotts press (with bar only)

Max Snatch (with good form)
Max Front squat

For time:
30 Squat clean thrusters (155 lb./105 lb.)

Post loads and time to comments.


For time:
800m Run
1 minute Rest
100 Wall balls
1 minute Rest
800m Run

Post time to comments.

Thursday WOD, July 13, 2017